Marc Bouchet

Investment Associate

Investment Areas:

Energy & Health

Marc Bouchet is an Investment Associate with TDK Ventures. He is focused on finding and funding early-stage startups in the energy, climate and industrial technology sectors.

By training, he is an aerospace engineer with a Bachelor’s degree from Case Western in Cleveland, OH. He has previously worked at General Electric.

Marc has a number of big passions, one of which is sailing. He has logged thousands of miles on racing yachts with professional teams. In general, he is relentlessly focused on building things, where his technical background and love of people intersect – from racing teams to communities of founders to deeptech investments.

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Current & Upcoming Deep Explorations

Category: Energy & Cleantech

Decarbonizing Industrial Heat

Decarbonizing industrial heat accounts for about a third of global emissions and offers a major pathway to achieving climate goals. Shifting away from fossil fuels for industrial heating not only reduces carbon footprint but also improves air quality and unlocks potential for energy savings and new job creation.

Portfolio Companies Served

AMB’s innovative “dry” process to print Li-ion battery electrodes can reduce energy consumption of a battery plant by 50%, save 40% in capital expenditure and enable potentially higher energy, faster charging, and lower cost batteries.
Amperesand’s infrastructure solutions, powered by novel solid-state transformer (SST) technology, enable efficient, intelligent, and resilient electrification on a global scale.
Using frontier research in microfluidics and MEMS engineering, they have built a single chip system that can deliver variable size, cell precision, payloads achieving unmatched cell delivery yield and viability.
Verdagy is innovating water- electrolysis technology for the large-scale production of green hydrogen.

Previous Deep Explorations

Categories: Energy & Cleantech, Mobility

Decarbonization of Aviation

Aviation is an industry that is hard to decarbonize. However, emerging technologies on batteries and fuel cells are unlocking new business opportunities to electrify and decarbonize aviation industry.
Category: Mobility

Two Wheel EV Landscape for the Indian Market

This exploration provides learnings about startups developing two wheelers with proprietary design elements, reasonable price points, and that can scale quickly to multiple product offerings while delivering reliable units to customers.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Hydrogen Electrolyzers

This exploration reviews several hydrogen electrolysis technologies that would enable deep decarbonization of industrial chemical production.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Battery Management and Battery Intelligence

This exploration provides learnings about battery analytics and management technologies that would provide longer range, better cycle life, and for circular economy.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Li-Ion Dry Electrode / Solvent Free Technology

This exploration provides learnings about various technologies that could potentially bring about a major change in reducing the carbon footprint of Li-ion battery manufacturing.
Category: Connectivity & Computing

Augmented Reality Solutions

This exploration explores various core technologies that enable next-generation augmented reality glasses.
Category: Healthtech

Electronic Nose & Gas Sensors

This exploration provides learnings from multi-gas sensors and e-nose technologies which can sense multiple analytes at the same time.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Electric Vertical Takeoff & Landing Vehicles (eVTOL)

This exploration provides learnings from the urban air mobility market and the impact of specific eVTOL technologies on the future of aerial passenger and cargo transport.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Software for Climate Management

This exploration develops insights into the data sources and ecosystem of tools that are being built to assess, plan, and mitigate the climate impacts of enterprises across various industries.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Heavy Duty Electrification

This exploration provides learnings regarding how the future will feature sustainable heavy transport where trucks, ships, and ferries could be electrified.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Long Duration Energy Storage

This exploration provides a broad high-level overview of developing startups and trends across long duration energy storage technologies.

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