Tina Tosukhowong

Investment Director

Investment Areas:

Clean Tech & Next-Gen Materials


Tina Tosukhowong is an Investment Director at TDK Ventures. She leads the cleantech and the advanced-material investment areas.

Her background spans two decades as an operator in biotech and material industries, as well as a deep-tech investor in multiple industries. Prior to joining TDK Ventures, she led the Corporate Ventures practice at GC Ventures America, a corporate ventures arm of PTT Global Chemical, where she invested in cleantech, biotech, and advanced materials.

Prior to her venture career, Tina spent a decade in the biotech and material industries and held numerous roles in research & development, scale up & technology transfer, application development, and business development.

Tina holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and a Certificate in Management of Technology from Georgia Institute of Technology. She is also a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Private Equity and Venture Capital program.

Tina has been recognized by the Global Corporate Venturing as Top 50 Emerging Leaders in 2021 and 2023.

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Current & Upcoming Deep Explorations

Category: Energy & Cleantech

Advanced Cooling

As technologies advance in the AI industry, data centers must adopt newer and more efficient ways of cooling. This exploration focuses on investigating advanced cooling technologies that could cut energy consumption to help make significant environmental impact.

Portfolio Companies Served

Board Observer
Divirod’s cost-effective and scalable water network solution brings accessible, hyperlocal, and high-quality data in real-time.
At INERATEC, they are pioneering the post-fossil fuel age by saying goodbye to crude oil and saying hello to a planet powered by synthetic fuel. Made in their Power-to-X plants, their e-Fuels and e-Chemicals can change the transportation and chemical industries as we know them.
Board Director
pH7 Technologies developed a proprietary metal-extraction process utilizing non-toxic organic and inorganic chemistry, as well as electrochemistry to drive extraction of metals and key minerals from ores, concentrates, and end-of-life materials.
Type One Energy is tackling the technical challenges that have kept fusion from becoming a practical reality with the latest advances in additive manufacturing and high-temperature superconductor magnets.
Board Observer
microLED innovator VueReal Inc. brings unprecedented throughput, precision, and yield to the multi-billion-dollar microLED industry with its revolutionary “microprinting” mass transfer approach VueReal’s methodology addresses

Previous Deep Explorations

Categories: Energy & Cleantech, Mobility

Carbon utilization via sustainable aviation fuel

The aviation sector accounts 2% of the global emissions. We are looking for technologies that can convert biogenic or captured CO2 into sustainable aviation fuel that can be used to decarbonize long-haul flights.
Category: Industrial

Magnetic Materials

We are exploring the potential of next-generation magnetic materials in the electronics, energy, and environmental transformation sectors.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Climate Risk Intelligence Landscape

We explore tools that help quantify and warn of risks from the climate change. The market for these tools are emerging as climate adaptation and resiliency are inevitable as human are trying to work toward low-carbon economy.
Category: Energy & Cleantech
Explorers: Tina Tosukhowong, Lina Mezzine

Solar Windows

This exploration provides learnings into solar windows which present an opportunity to be used as a solar energy generator to achieve decarbonization in the urban building environment.
Category: Energy & Cleantech
Explorers: Tina Tosukhowong, Lina Mezzine

Nuclear Fission Based Small Modular Reactors Landscape

This exploration provides insights into SMRs which offer unique attributes in terms of efficiency, lower capital cost, flexibility, safety, fuel cycle, and shorter construction time.
Category: Next-Gen Materials

Micro LED Landscape

This exploration provides insights into the micro LED landscape as it combines several benefits of OLED displays and could potentially offer better performance in various areas.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Heating Technologies for Building Sector

This exploration provides insights into how the world needs to balance between ensuring access to affordable and sustainable energy for future generations while trying to achieve the carbon neutral decarbonization goal.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Carbon Capture

The exploration provides the landscape of new technologies being developed to capture carbon dioxide in order to mitigate the impact from climate change. The study focuses on technological approaches related to Direct Air Capture and Direct Ocean Capture.
Category: Energy & Cleantech
Explorers: Tina Tosukhowong, Yan Yan, Hitomi Kondo

Precious Metal Recycling

The exploration provides learnings about critical metals whose supply chain might be constrained in the next decade and identify key startups and sustainable technologies.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Software for Climate Management

This exploration develops insights into the data sources and ecosystem of tools that are being built to assess, plan, and mitigate the climate impacts of enterprises across various industries.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Climate Risk Intelligence

This exploration provides learnings about sensors and satellites that are used to see risk on fire, water, GHG emissions, and plant growth for carbon credit calculation.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Nuclear Technology Landscape / Fusion

This exploration provides shared learnings about startups developing Small Modular Reactors for nuclear fission reactions.
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