Anil Achyuta

Inv. Managing Director

Investment Areas:

Energy & Healthtech


Anil Achyuta is the Investment Managing Director at TDK Ventures, and also Investment Director for Fund EX1. He is passionate about the energy and healthcare sectors. He believes these are the most impactful areas in building a sustainable future, a mission that is directly in line with TDK Ventures’ goals.

Of his eleven investments, he has secured two exits: GenCell IPO’d on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (GNCL:IT), and Origin, which was acquired by the #1 3-D printing company in the world, Stratasys, for $100M.

Prior to TDK Ventures, Anil held leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies including L’Oréal, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, and Draper.

Anil was voted one of the Rising Stars in 2021 by Venture Capital Journal and was ranked the #2 Rising Star in 2021 out of 20,000 corporate venture managers globally. He was also voted as one of the Emerging Leaders of 2022 by Global Corporate Venturing. He is a published author in polymer science, neural engineering, microfluidics, and tissue engineering with 11 peer-reviewed publications, two book chapters, and six US patents.

He has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University and received his M.B.A. from the University of Florida Warrington College of Business.

Anil was born and raised in Bangalore, India in a family of teachers, and speaks fluent Kannada, Hindi. He loves sports and music. He was a former cricket player, and currently plays tennis, table tennis, racquetball, and cricket occasionally. He loves playing guitar and listening to classic rock.

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Current & Upcoming Deep Explorations

Category: Energy & Cleantech

Geothermal Power

For the first time in two decades, the demand for electricity is expected to skyrocket, stressing the need for clean, firm, baseload power. Geothermal's technological and political tailwinds are coinciding with this market demand to propel it as a frontrunner to supply renewable electricity, storage and industrial heat.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Decarbonizing Industrial Heat

Decarbonizing industrial heat accounts for about a third of global emissions and offers a major pathway to achieving climate goals. Shifting away from fossil fuels for industrial heating not only reduces carbon footprint but also improves air quality and unlocks potential for energy savings and new job creation.

Portfolio Companies Served

Board Member
AMB’s innovative “dry” process to print Li-ion battery electrodes can reduce energy consumption of a battery plant by 50%, save 40% in capital expenditure and enable potentially higher energy, faster charging, and lower cost batteries.
Former Board Observer
Ascend Elements has created a novel closed loop recycling process, recovering high value battery components for reuse without the need to reprocess raw materials.
AutoFlight is pioneering the all-electric, sustainable air transportation of both human and freight.
Exo is revolutionizing ultrasound. Their advanced silicon-based chip design works as thousands of tiny nanoscale chips act in symphony together.
Board Observer
Fabric8Labs brings micron level precision to 3D printing of metals, with never before seen quality, and without sacrificing cost, scalability, or throughput.
GenCell has developed an off-the-grid or back-up power solution that runs completely on hydrogen or ammonia fuel and can operate and tolerate across the gambit of environmental conditions.
Board Observer
Genetesis innovating the diagnostic cardiac space with a new scanning method that is working to save 8 million patients per year that come in for cardiac concerns.
Using frontier research in microfluidics and MEMS engineering, they have built a single chip system that can deliver variable size, cell precision, payloads achieving unmatched cell delivery yield and viability.
Mojo Lens’ revolutionary design uses a tiny microLED display the size of a grain of sand that empowers you to be your best self through enhancing tech.
Origin (by Stratasys) works with leading chemical companies to co-develop innovative photopolymers to unlock end-use applications in 3D printing.
Board Member
Verdagy is innovating water- electrolysis technology for the large-scale production of green hydrogen.

Previous Deep Explorations

Categories: Mobility, Energy & Cleantech

Decarbonization of Aviation

Aviation is an industry that is hard to decarbonize. However, emerging technologies on batteries and fuel cells are unlocking new business opportunities to electrify and decarbonize aviation industry.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Fast Charging

This exploration reviews multiple materials, components, BMS, and pack-level technologies that would help mass adoption of EVs.
Category: Mobility

Two Wheel EV Landscape for the Indian Market

This exploration provides learnings about startups developing two wheelers with proprietary design elements, reasonable price points, and that can scale quickly to multiple product offerings while delivering reliable units to customers.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Silicon Anode Battery Tech

This exploration reviews various Si-anode technologies that could provide higher energy density and better range for EVs.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Solid State Batteries

This exploration investigates various next-generation solid-state technologies for safer, longer range, faster charging batteries.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Hydrogen Electrolyzers

This exploration reviews several hydrogen electrolysis technologies that would enable deep decarbonization of industrial chemical production.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Battery Management and Battery Intelligence

This exploration provides learnings about battery analytics and management technologies that would provide longer range, better cycle life, and for circular economy.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Li-Ion Dry Electrode / Solvent Free Technology

This exploration provides learnings about various technologies that could potentially bring about a major change in reducing the carbon footprint of Li-ion battery manufacturing.
Category: Next-Gen Materials

Metal 3D Printing

This exploration investigates startups in the metal 3D printing industry providing scalable solutions to the market.
Category: Connectivity & Computing

Augmented Reality Solutions

This exploration explores various core technologies that enable next-generation augmented reality glasses.
Category: Energy & Cleantech
Explorer: Anil Achyuta

Hydrogen Fuel for Backup

This exploration investigates various fuel cell technologies that could help in the industrial backup power market.
Category: Healthtech
Explorer: Anil Achyuta

Implantable Biosensors

This exploration provides learnings from glucose monitoring of implantable sensors that provide higher patient compliance.
Category: Healthtech
Explorer: Anil Achyuta

Medical Device Commercialization

This exploration provides learnings from some of the pitfalls and opportunities in commercialization strategies of medical technologies.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

EV Lithium-Ion Battery Systems

This exploration provides learnings from the market for EV lithium-ion batteries as there is a rapidly increasing EV production driven by the need for major automakers to meet strict global greenhouse gas emissions standards.
Category: Healthtech

Electronic Nose & Gas Sensors

This exploration provides learnings from multi-gas sensors and e-nose technologies which can sense multiple analytes at the same time.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Li-Ion Battery Recycling

This exploration provides learnings from various pyro, hydro, and direct recycling technologies that would enable more sustainable Li-Ion battery production.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Electric Vertical Takeoff & Landing Vehicles (eVTOL)

This exploration provides learnings from the urban air mobility market and the impact of specific eVTOL technologies on the future of aerial passenger and cargo transport.
Category: Healthtech
Explorer: Anil Achyuta

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

This exploration provides learnings from various technologies that could be game changers for diabetes across the world.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Charging Infrastructure

This exploration provides learnings about energy storage and generations that diversify from centralized resources as solutions are needed to orchestrate and enable a more decentralized energy ecosystem.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Lithium Extraction

This exploration provides learnings about the exploration in the novel lithium extraction technology, which could potentially provide a much cleaner, faster, and more efficient lithium extraction process.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Software for Climate Management

This exploration develops insights into the data sources and ecosystem of tools that are being built to assess, plan, and mitigate the climate impacts of enterprises across various industries.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Heavy Duty Electrification

This exploration provides learnings regarding how the future will feature sustainable heavy transport where trucks, ships, and ferries could be electrified.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Residential Energy Storage

This exploration provides learnings about the future of home energy storage, where individual homes can be resilient and have sustainable backup power.
Category: Energy & Cleantech

Long Duration Energy Storage

This exploration provides a broad high-level overview of developing startups and trends across long duration energy storage technologies.

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