Coupling digital microfluidics with nanoengineered MEMS onto a single integrated chip for cell/gene therapies

Gene and cell therapy will never be the same with Mekonos’ groundbreaking delivery technology. Using frontier research in microfluidics and MEMS engineering, they have built a single chip system that can deliver variable size, cell precision, payloads achieving unmatched cell delivery yield and viability. This could forever change the development of therapies, and with previously unachievable scalability could mean genetic based cures to those who need them faster than ever hoped.


“For being a small investor in our company, TDK has done an unbelievable job in engaging with our company, helping with marketing, advice, and feedback.”

CEO and co-founder, Anil Narasimha


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Team members involved with Mekonos

Geetha Dholakia

Portfolio Program Manager

Marc Bouchet

Investment Associate

Anil Achyuta

Managing Director

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