Katherine He

Investment Associate

Investment Areas:

Energy and Battery Technologies

Katherine He is an Investment Analyst with TDK Ventures. She supports the research and landscape building in energy-storage materials and battery technologies and leads technology scouting on startups in the energy sector. She is a published author with 12 peer-reviewed publications, two patents, and one book chapter.

Prior to joining TDK Ventures, she was a battery researcher and engineer with eight years of experience developing high-energy density lithium-ion batteries and energy-storage technologies. With a Ph.D. in materials science and a deep understanding of technology, she was also trained by government and national lab programs in commercializing lab innovations. Additionally, she had leadership roles in deep tech and entrepreneur communities. She is a founding member of the largest global battery community, “Volta Foundation,” which includes more than 20,000 battery professionals. She also co-founded BatteryBits and BatteryStreet, and serves as an executive member of MIT CEO, actively bridging the academia, industry, and venture worlds to accelerate the cleantech revolution.

Katherine enjoys reading, hiking, working out, and having hot pot together with family and friends. She also practices Chinese traditional dancing, and spends time serving battery communities.

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Current & Upcoming Deep Explorations

Category: Energy & Cleantech

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Heavy Duty Electrification

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Residential Energy Storage

This exploration provides learnings about the future of home energy storage, where individual homes can be resilient and have sustainable backup power.

Previous Deep Explorations

Category: Energy & Cleantech

Fast Charging

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Silicon Anode Battery Tech

This exploration reviews various Si-anode technologies that could provide higher energy density and better range for EVs.
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Solid State Batteries

This exploration investigates various next-generation solid-state technologies for safer, longer range, faster charging batteries.
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Lithium Extraction

This exploration provides learnings about the exploration in the novel lithium extraction technology, which could potentially provide a much cleaner, faster, and more efficient lithium extraction process.
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