Verdagy: Innovating hydrogen fuel generation through new, scalable, green hydrolysis.

Verdagy is innovating water electrolysis technology for the large-scale production of green hydrogen. They have created an innovative, completely new approach which leverages high current density at a wide and dynamic range of conditions to enable green, scalable, hydrogen production a reality for the first time – offering both the lowest upfront capital costs and the lowest unit economics for production.


"It is very rewarding and encouraging to win the confidence of such a stellar group of thought-leading investors. It speaks volumes about the work done by the Verdagy team to demonstrate our low capex and low opex approach to green hydrogen electrolysis. We are looking forward to collaborating further with our investor partners on the journey to decarbonize various industrial sectors.”

CEO, Marty Neese

Why We Invested in Verdagy and the Future of Hydrogen Electrolyzers

Verdagy is quickly making a name for itself as a leading innovator in green hydrogen water electrolysis technology. Their mission is to enable industrial sector decarbonization through large scale green hydrogen production. Verdagy takes the best of current industry standard practices and combines them in a way optimized for industrial scaling


Team members involved with Verdagy

Anil Achyuta

Investment Director

Marc Bouchet

Investment Associate

Chiaki Yoshikawa

Startup Liaison

Geetha Dholakia

Portfolio Program Manager

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