Metalenz: Developing meta-optics with never before seen agility, versatility, and resolution for the digital world of tomorrow

Whether it's your phone, transportation, or really any electronic device with a display – optics define the quality of experience, interface, and effective human usage. Metalenz brings state of the art upgrades to optics across the board (agility, versatility, and resolution) using their proprietary design of nanoscale optical surfaces to guide light in ways previously unavailable. Their meta-optics provide improved performance at lower manufacturing cost, applicable to almost any optical application.


"At Metalenz, our vision is to transform the way digital optics components work so that they are smaller, lighter, and have higher performance. With TDK onboard as an investor and strategic partner, we have access to more experts, tools, and market opportunities which will enable a much higher level of capabilities and outcomes. It has been a real pleasure working with TDK Ventures’ outstanding team because they work alongside us as a true partner, endeavoring in every way to accelerate our success."

CEO and Co-Founder, Robert Devlin

Why We Invested in Metalenz and the Future of Optical Sensing

You only have to watch a few commercials while enjoying your favorite show to have a sense of the smart phone market today. Top tier smart phone manufacturer brands(OEMs) are in fierce competition for market share. The problem is, in a general sense, each company can produce a quality phone capable of the usual features — call, text, web browsing, etc. To differentiate and distinguish their products each brand is pushed to incorporate more and more cutting-edge technologies to showcase new features.


03/22/2023: Why We Invested in Metalenz and the Future of Optical Sensing

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Team members involved with Metalenz

Geetha Dholakia

Portfolio Program Manager

Chiaki Yoshikawa

Startup Liaison

Nicolas Sauvage


Andrew Maywah

Investment Director

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