Elias Chavarria

Investment Analyst

Elias grew up in Panama, where he studied Engineering and worked as a consultant on driving innovation and technology adoption. Later he came to the US and completed his Master’s and Ph.D. degrees at Georgia Tech and then moved to Silicon Valley. Elias joined Cisco and later Hitron, where he drove innovation, solved bottlenecks, launched products, and created new markets.

Since 2019, Elias has built relationships with >200 Entrepreneurs, Executives, and VCs at over 60 events in the Bay Area. He developed a passion for venture capital and partnered with VC Taskforce’s founders to lead and drive CVC programs, where startups and CVCs come together to find investment synergies.

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Current & Upcoming Deep Explorations

Category: Connectivity & Computing

Space-tech for IoT applications

Satellite connectivity has the potential to enable massive IoT applications that would otherwise be challenged to reach with the terrestrial networks. As the world becomes more connected, the demand for real time data is everywhere.

Portfolio Companies Served

Silicon Box is an advanced semiconductor integration startup, specializing in cutting-edge semiconductor integration services.

Previous Deep Explorations

Category: Connectivity & Computing

Quantum Computing

Development of quantum computers marks a leap forward in computing capability, we are exploring the potential quantum computing to drive massive performance gains.