TDK Ventures presents DX Week 2022, a thought leadership forum on digital transformation

  • DX Week 2022: Where the Analog World Meets the Digital World
  • An online gathering of entrepreneurs, academia, government, scientists, venture capitalists, and visionaries at the forefront of digital transformation (DX)
  • Five two-hour sessions with diverse expert panelists providing definitive insights into how digital technologies change the world

TDK Corporation (TSE: 6762) announced today that subsidiary TDK Ventures Inc. will host DX Week from April 18 through 22, 2022. Following a similar format to TDK Ventures’ Energy Week 2021 in October which featured top leaders in the energy and battery fields, this global online gathering will bring together over 30 speakers made up of entrepreneurs, scientists, venture capitalists, and visionaries from around the world and who are at the forefront of digital transformation (DX). Interested participants can register for the event at this link:

Each speaker will share her or his dreams, expectations, and challenges concerning the future of digitization and how it will influence science and technology, mobility, manufacturing, finance, computing, society, entertainment, and life as we know it.

“Our Energy Week 2021 delivered on its promise to show everyone the innovations that could power tomorrow’s world and cleanly produce and store its energy,” said Nicolas Sauvage, President, TDK Ventures. “We hold even higher expectations for DX Week 2022 and its potential to offer a series of inspirational, provocative, interactive discussions that will inspire tomorrow’s inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors to follow their dreams and capitalize on their knowledge, skill, and insight.”

DX Week 2022 days, times, and topics are below. All times are PDT (GMT -08:00).

  •  Monday April 18, 4:00 PM-6:00 PM – Metaverse

Like many of today’s technologies, “the metaverse” remains somewhat anchored in the realm of science fiction. This discussion takes the viewpoint that its applications are not limited to gaming and entertainment, but include virtual workspaces, remote collaboration, the gamification of education, and other applications which are particularly relevant.

  •  Tuesday April 19, 4:00 PM-6:00 PM – Connectivity

Connectivity has become an essential part of our everyday lives. This session will explore the development path of the tools that will usher in the next generation of communication and information dissemination, including cellular 5G/6G, Wi-Fi, fiber optics, satellites, wearables, and more, as well as the broad spectrum of applications these technologies may enable.

  • Wednesday April 20, 8:00 AM-10:00 AM – Edge Computing

The increase of IoT devices and AI/ML applications is producing a massive amount of data and requires high computing capacity at the edge. This session covers both edge devices and network edge. High-power efficiency and low latency are some of the key considerations.

  • Thursday April 21, 8:00 AM-10:00 AM – Industry 5.0

The data revolution and acceleration of DX has poised robots, intelligent machines, and the industrial internet of things to take over much of the boring, repetitive work required for much of the world’s production. The paradigm shift from a data driven world to the need for sustainability-enabled technology is already proving that innovative cleantech solutions enable cost efficient and effective operations. This panel discusses revolutions such as renewable energy generation, clean tech, data transmission, data acceleration, realistic simulations, biometrics, and much more, and highlights how and why sustainability is a core tenet of Industry 5.0.

  • Friday April 22, 8:00 AM-10:00 AM – Future of Mobility

There are two givens in life: the more people know, the more they need to explore, and humans will forever need face-to-face contact. Myriad challenges, however, remain before many of the world’s citizens will be ready to accept EVs, autonomously driven vehicles, and other transportation innovations. Car sharing, battery swapping, vehicle-to-grid integration, behind-the-grid storage, clean hydrogen, second-life, and alternative chemistries are on the table for discussion as well as the potential for personal flying cars, high-speed rail, and other futuristic transport.

Notable speakers include:

  • Metaverse: Rio Kurokawa, Director, IBM; Pearly Chen, VP, HTC VIVE
  • Connectivity: Nada Gozlmie, Ph.D., NIST Fellow & Chief of Wireless Networks Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Matt Grob, CTO, XCOM; Maryam Rofougaran, Founder and CEO, Movandi
  • Edge Computing: Chris Bergey, SVP/GM of Infrastructure, Arm; Pete Warden, Founding member, TensorFlow
  • Industry 5.0: Xiaolin Lu, Fellow and Director of IoT, Texas Instruments; Yasser Alsaied, VP of IoT, Amazon Web Services

Digital transformation has integrated mobile technologies, miniaturized embedded sensors and devices, integrated networking, enabled cloud computing, and delivered sophisticated data analytics. Together, through DX, we can and are bringing a better, even more sustainable, tomorrow. For information regarding online attendance to TDK Ventures’ DX Week 2022, visit

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