VueReal: Semiconductor Fabrication is About to Change Forever.

VueReal is a world-class multidisciplinary research team covering everything from foundational research through production, with the business expertise to take solutions to market. We’ve achieved some important milestones – and the industry has taken notice – but our journey is really just beginning.

Why We Invested in VueReal for a Brighter Future through microLED Optoelectronics

Our world is more digital than ever. So much of our everyday lives are now contained on the cloud, accessed through any number of devices ranging from our laptops and tablets to our smart phones, smart watches, and even TVs. It should come as no surprise then that the display industry, representing how humans interact with these devices, was valued at approximately $150-billion in 2021. Market outlook suggests progress has no intention of slowing down either, as the industry is expected to break $177-billion in 2026.


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Team members involved with VueReal

Bill Graves

Legal Principal

Robert Porter

Financial Principal

Tina Tosukhowong

Investment Director

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