Pioneering the Future of Virtual Reality Wireless Experiences

The team at Virewirx (formerly known as XCOM) represent some of the world’s most accomplished software and hardware talent. They’ve already spent decades developing the wireless technologies the world uses everyday. Now, they’ve set their target on the next applications of high-performance wireless to enable mobile real-time video, rich extended reality platforms and more.

Why We Invested in XCOM Labs and the Innovations to Enable Metaverse at Scale

To enable our vision for digital transformation and to tap into the oncoming metaverse megatrend, the TDK Ventures team has conducted comprehensive studies in the world of connective and computing deep tech, searching for the next paradigm shift. Coming back from our deep exploration — XCOM Labs has shown us the way forward as the next generation in wireless and multimedia technology that can enable the massive implementation of metaverse application.


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Team members involved with Virewirx

Henry Huang

Investment Director

Nicolas Sauvage


Other Connectivity & Computing Companies

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XCOM exclusively licensed its wireless systems business, and transitioned several team members to GlobalStar.
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Nubis innovates across photonics, electronics, packaging and manufacturing to create optics significantly more dense, scalable and lower power than existing solutions, breaking the I/O wall in data centers and enabling more advanced computing, AI and machine learning.