Starship Technologies

Starship: A robotics company building fleets of self-driving delivery robots designed to deliver goods

Starship has built a fleet of self-driving autonomous robots. Leveraging the very latest in artificial intelligence, each robot is safe, secure, reliable, and 100% clean energy. Made to work for you, the fleet is road ready to delivery packages and cargo of a variety of shape and sizes providing the logistics solution of the future to the dynamically shifting global supply chain.

Lex Bayer

"We are excited to become a TDK Ventures portfolio company. TDK has been a world leader in advanced technology and electronics for decades and we look forward to working with their team as we focus on the next stage of commercializing our business as we expand the roll out of autonomous robot deliveries to more and more communities around the world."

Former CEO Lex Bayer


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Team members involved with Starship Technologies

Nicolas Sauvage


Chiaki Yoshikawa

Startup Liaison

Geetha Dholakia

Portfolio Program Manager

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