A scalable platform for lithium extraction using CO2

Novalith was founded by an experienced team of innovators combining advanced process & chemical engineering capabilities, process scale-up, clean-tech and mining expertise. Novalith's technology has a significantly lower CO2 footprint and directly utilises CO2 that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere to extract & refine lithium, solving two very big problems: directly reducing CO2 emissions and indirectly avoiding the generation of billions of tonnes of CO2 through a sustainable electric future.

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Why We Invested in Novalith

Australia’s Novalith is perfecting the technology that will make inefficient, environmentally disruptive, and resource-intensive lithium extraction a thing of the past. The company harnesses the benign power of carbon dioxide to extract lithium and convert it from a raw elemental material to the chemicals that battery manufacturers need. Novalith’s technique uses up to 90 percent less water than traditional methods and eliminates the need for toxic chemicals and strong acids in lithium recovery.


04/17/2023: TDK Ventures invests in Novalith clean lithium-extraction technology

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Team members involved with Novalith

Thao Ngo

Portfolio Program Associate

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