Infinite Uptime

Powering Reliability Through Innovation

Infinite Uptime is a global Predictive Maintenance Services and Plant Reliability solutions company. We help the maintenance and manufacturing teams to attain the highest level of plant reliability by reducing unplanned downtime, mitigating operational risks, and improving overall efficiency. We leverage industry 4.0 technologies and a digital-first approach to create responsive maintenance strategies for diverse global manufacturing industries including Cement, Steel, Metals & Mining, FMCG, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Power, Pharma, Tire, Automotive, Construction, Pipes and more. Our advanced analytics and real-time industrial diagnostics help plant maintenance leaders and condition-based monitoring teams to accurately predict and avoid machine failure every single time.


"The TDK Ventures brand carries a strong reputation, and leveraging this association has proven instrumental in establishing meaningful connections within our industry.”

Chaiitanya Bulusu
Business Head, Americas

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Team members involved with Infinite Uptime

Thao Ngo

Portfolio Program Associate

Thao Ngo

Portfolio Program Associate

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