Faction: creating driverless, semi-autonomous vehicles for the cities of the future

Faction develops driverless vehicles that have the speed and performance of cars, but at the cost of a motorcycle. They seek to reduce emissions, avoid gridlock, and improve energy use by replacing urban large vehicle traffic with their semi-autonomous (size scaled) solution. Better for both the globe and your wallet, their novel tech will clear the way for smarter cities and a more sustainable tomorrow. Faction isn’t just a software company; they’ve designed and developed a fleet of their own from the ground up in partnership with select vehicle manufacturers.


“TDK has been one of our most active investors, from introduction to facilitating participating in events that were relevant.”

Faction CEO Ain McKendrick

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Why We Invested in Faction

TDK Ventures has identified the energy-saving and environmental advantages that electric vehicles can deliver as a major focus area for investment and commercialization. We are bullish on energy storage, self-driving cars, and other components of the global electrification phenomenon that is transforming so much of our lives today. We believe that Faction will establish itself as a leader in this industry by creating driverless light electric delivery vehicles that make last-mile delivery more efficient, reduce pollution, reduce traffic congestion, and increase roadway safety.


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Team members involved with Faction

Raphel Finelli

Marketing Principal

Geetha Dholakia

Portfolio Program Manager

Andrew Maywah

Investment Director

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