Analog Inference

Analog Inference: A semiconductor company developing neural computing delivering more performance per Watt than any other company in the market

Analog Inference is building the most advanced line of AI inference accelerators ever seen using their novel in-memory compute technology. Their tech divides and conquers compute demand through neural network algorithmic processing and AI in the moment optimization. The result? They outperform any competitor on a per Watt basis to bring paradigm-shifting change to compute power from your phone and edge devices up to the cloud networks.


"We are focused on developing and commercializing technologies that will enable our customers to harness the full power of AI for different edge applications. This partnership with TDK accelerates that vision and leverages their expertise in manufacturing and strategic implementation."

Founder, President and COO Vishal Sarin


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Team members involved with Analog Inference

Bill Graves

Legal Principal

Geetha Dholakia

Portfolio Program Manager

Nicolas Sauvage


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