Xiaofeng Wu

Technical Analyst

Xiaofeng Wu is a highly skilled electrical engineering professional with more than 20 years of experience in product development and R&D for power electronics, power electronic systems and automations. He has international and collaborative R&D experience with many power electronics technologies. Xiaofeng has worked at TDK Corporation since 2019, where he was involved in the Energy Units Development Department, focusing on R&D of power supply technology. He now serves as a Technical Analyst for the TDK Ventures team and is based in Tokyo, Japan. His depth of knowledge and experience allows him to dive deep into technologies and bring about valuable insights.

Xiaofeng received his Ph.D. from the College of Electrical Engineering at Zhejiang University and a Masters degree from the College of Electrical Engineering at Wuhan University in China.

In his free time, Xiaofeng enjoys playing badminton and camping with his family.

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