SLD Laser

SLD Laser: Commercializing the power of microchip blue lasers for automotive, specialty lighting, and consumer applications

SLD Laser is bringing light and illumination into the future. Using highly efficient blue lasers embedded onto a chip with high performance phosphorus, they have created a laser light source with 100x greater luminance than LEDs, 10x the contrast, 10x the distance, and 1/10th the beam angle. Reinventing the way we light our world, SLD Laser is backed by world renowned industry innovators and a Nobel Prize laureate.

SLDLaser_James Raring

"TDK is the perfect strategic partner. Their vision of digital and energy transformation matches our vision of developing real-world applications for intelligent illumination, sensing, and communication that weren’t thought possible. We have already identified a number of areas where TDK will help us pioneer the future of light faster."

CEO and co-founder Steve Denbaars



Team members involved with SLD Laser

Nicolas Sauvage


Nicolas Sauvage


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