Accelerating the transition to next-generation optics

Nubis innovates across photonics, electronics, packaging and manufacturing to create optics significantly more dense, scalable and lower power than existing solutions, breaking the I/O wall in data centers and enabling more advanced computing, AI and machine learning.


"TDK Ventures has high technical scrutiny and asks tough technical questions that show their deep understanding of the investment space and giving confidence that the investment goes far beyond the check."

Peter Winzer
Founder & CTO


Other Connectivity & Computing Companies

Analog Inference is building the most advanced line of AI inference accelerators ever seen using their novel in-memory compute technology.
Verana Networks is building an innovative 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) solution for service providers that have licensed millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum.
XCOM exclusively licensed its wireless systems business, and transitioned several team members to GlobalStar.
Groq has developed a new and innovative compute technology that separates performance from latency allowing uncompromisingly exceptional results.
Silicon Box is an advanced semiconductor integration startup, specializing in cutting-edge semiconductor integration services.