Divirod: high-accuracy risk assessment of water levels to help prepare for catastrophes

Divirod’s sensor solution enables high-accuracy risk assessment of water levels to help predict and prepare for water-related catastrophes. Divirod’s global sensor network leverages satellite input to generate analytics that provide decision makers, emergency services personnel, and insurers the real-time information they need to mitigate loss of life and high costs inflicted by such catastrophes.


"It has become obvious that we can no longer afford to depend on outdated, sparse, and disparate monitoring networks to protect and warn our communities of the dangers of impending water disasters like floods. The only way to mitigate the dangers and huge economic losses from water risks anywhere in the world is by understanding, anticipating, and planning for the unforeseen effects of extreme environmental water-risk events."

CEO Dr. Javier Marti

Team members involved with Divirod

Tina Tosukhowong

Investment Director

Chiaki Yoshikawa

Startup Liaison

Geetha Dholakia

Portfolio Program Manager

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